5 reasons why Peak 365 is a game changer for your health journey

5 reasons why Peak 365 is a game changer for your health journey

1. Take the Guesswork Out Of Your Supplement Routine

No more mixing and matching your vitamins.

The Women's Daily Supplement System combines our proprietary and patented mix of Multivitamin, Antioxidant, Cellular Health & Energy, Omega 3+ Essential Oils, and Bone Health formulas to support your optimal health.

2. Convenience Is Key

We get it. Life gets complicated. But sticking to your daily health routine doesn't have to be.

Form a habit with convenient, grab & go AM/PM packs.





3. Formulated By Experts

"I am guided by the belief that we can live in a world where medicine and wellness intersect.


PEAK 365 is built on this belief - and our supplements are the culmination of my life's work as a Surgeon, Nutritionist, and NIH-funded scientist.

I desingned this supplement system for myself, for my family and for YOU so we can all live life at our PEAK."


Dr. Michael Seidman, MD, FACS

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

4. We Obsess Over Ingredients And Sources So You Don't Have To

All it takes is one look at our labels to see what sets us apart. Here are two processes worth highlighting that are seldom used by competing brands:  


1. The Omega 3+ Essential Oils formula undergoes a molecular distillation process to remove mercury and other toxins present in our world's fish supply.


2. Our minerals are chelated (tagged to an amino acid) to ensure your body can actually absorb and use the nutrients. Unlock the efficacy of your supplement routine with bio-available ingredients.

5. Made in the USA

All of our formulas are made in the USA in an FDA inspected and GMP certified laboratory. That means you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the exact amounts and type of each ingredient listed on our labels.