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Women's Daily Supplement System - PEAK 365 Nutrition
Women's Daily Supplement System - PEAK 365 Nutrition
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Women's Daily Supplement System

PEAK 365 Nutrition
Eliminate the guesswork from your supplement routine and take control of your health with our science-backed women’s system in convenient AM/PM packs
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Tom M.
United States

Happy, Happy

Been using them for years!

Patricia S.
United States United States

Women's Daily Supplement System

I have taken the Womens Daily Supplement for years and love it. The AM & PM packaging makes it so easy to take and especially if you travel. I am in my 70's and never felt better and care for young grandkids that seem to always have a cold or something and I don't get sick. I highly recommend!

Nancy H.
United States United States

Best of the Best!

At 67, I have more energy than I had at 47! I Sleep like a baby. And maybe it’s mind over matter, but having complete nutrition keeps me from craving food! I’ve lost 6 pounds!

United States United States

These are truly the BEST vitamins money can buy!!!

Many years ago, in 2011, my friend Robon introduced me to Visalus vitamins, and I was so grateful she did, as it made a HUGE difference in my health and the health of my loved ones. But since they don't make them anymore, I wasn't able to get them for the last few years... not even on Amazon. I'd been able to run the San Francisco Bay to Breakers with almost NO training, in my 40s, while taking those vitamins. They were amazing, and I had so much great energy!! Now in my 50s, I am starting to get weird pains in my knees when walking down stairs. So annoying, as I've always been able to kind of skate by without exercising, but... not anymore. This scares me a bit, as I have aunts who have fallen and were hospitalized due to week knees and ankles. I've been taking a ton of different vitamins, including algae calcium and glucosamine, but the pains were still there. In the past, it was part of my daily routine to squat down to clean a cat litter box or pick things up off the floor, but over the last few months, I could no longer do so without pain. I would absolutely have to prop myself up with a hand, in order to get back up. Ugggh. I feel very young at 54 but this was making me feel OLD beyond my years. I knew I should order the Body Language vitamins, since they are supposedly even BETTER than Visalus, at the same cost (maybe even cheaper). It had been a while since I spent over $100 on vitamins but... honestly when I add up what I was spending on all the other supplements, that was probably costing me way more, plus I had to look at all these vitamins in a huge box, and put them all into a pill minder. I finally went ahead and bought the women's pack. It was surprising to see how many more pills there are in a pack, compared to Visalus packs, but I don't mind taking 'em because OMG.... I feel so much better. Just 3 days after getting them in the mail, I can squat down AND get back up again with no pain, and I don't even have to push myself up with my hand. It's like a miracle. In addition, I am sleeping more deeply, can get by with less sleep (because I sleep so well), my eyesight is a little better, and I have a few cuts that seem to be healing more quickly. I am also thinking with a lot more clarity than I've had in the last few years. I've seen a lot of deaths of friends and family members and pets in the last few years and it was very depressing, but this has helped to lift my mood a little, especially because I get Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter months and it's been raining cats and dogs lately. Perfect timing for the delivery. I remember how the first time I tried them in 2011, I had a lot more clarity of thought, and I have that again now. I guess I just kinda forgot how powerful these pills are. I was so impressed with the results I got in just a few days, I sent an email to Dr. Seidman and his wife, profusely thanking them for making this product. I ordered extra boxes to share with friends and family members who are having some health issues right now. Every person should get the chance to try these vitamins for just one week and see what it does for them. When you think about it, paying $125 a month for vitamins that help you a LOT with your health, is like PENNIES, compared to the cost of medical expenses you'll face if you don't prioritize your health. When I used to pay $125 for Visalus before, I remember thinking, this is WAY less than my monthly premium for health insurance, and it seems to be doing a lot more FOR me. I'm not saying no one should get health insurance, but I am saying, it's good to see something you can see the results of, on a daily basis, and know your money was well spent! : ) Thank you again to Dr. Michael Seidman and Lynn Seidman for bringing us this wonderful product. So glad you guys were able to figure out what works so well, to fuel the human body! God bless you both!

Wanda Z.

Love this product

Although I have always believed that good nutrition can absolutely help with energy levels and health in general, I have never really experienced it to the fullest until I started using the women’s daily vitamins. To say that I am now addicted, is an understatement. I have found that when I go without the vitamins, I start feeling that usual lag in the afternoon where I typically would have to get a cup of coffee. However, with these vitamins, I never feel a lack in energy. I truly believe in this product and will not go without it. You just need to try it to know that it is amazing!


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