Live at your PEAK
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Advanced science formulas for those seeking

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Live at your PEAK
365 days a year.

Science-based supplements for those seeking the best for their health.


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Support your journey to optimal health & well-being with our science-backed daily supplement system, crafted by Dr. Michael Seidman, MD, FACS.

These systems are the culmination of his life's work as a surgeon, nutritionist, and NIH-funded scientist, and provide absorbable forms of vitamins, minerals, oils, and herbs, to help your body tackle the diverse challenges it faces everyday.

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Our Team Makes Us Quite Unique

We're lab geeks and proud of it. Nutritional science lab geeks. After 30+ years dedicated to advancing science, we are fortunate to be considered a leading innovator and developer of high end supplements. We are also very proud that thousands of people have taken millions of our supplement tablets to help improve their health.  

Our founder and Chief Science & Medical officer, Dr. Michael Seidman, MD, FACS, holds seven U.S. patents and is rated among the top 3% of doctors nationwide. Regarded as an expert on a wide variety of medical and nutritional topics, he lectures worldwide including presentations to congress, the FDA and advising the NFL, MLB and NHL on supplements.



" I am a surgeon from California and have always been skeptical of vitamins and herbs. I have however, read with interest all of your work on aging and your peer-reviewed articles and I must say I was very impressed. Since starting Body Language Vitamins, I have never felt better in my 68 years of existence. This has truly changed the way I feel."

M.G. Surgeon, CA

" My husband and I have been using these formulations for the last 3 years, we love the Essential Oils, the antioxidant and Multi-Vitamin formulas. We are now using your daily Men and Women packs and LOVE the convenience, we have never seen such a product and we love the science that has gone into your products. Outstanding! Our joints feel better, we feel better, thanks for all you do."

C.S. and B.S., Chicago, IL

" I am a professional hockey player. Since using Dr. Seidman's supplements, I have had one of my best years. This stuff is great and I recommend it completely. I am currently using his Patented "Anti-age/Energy supplement" as well as his"antioxidant" supplement. My wife uses them too and swears by them."

R.G., MI


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