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Cover your bases with our complete nutritional system for Women


Women's Daily Supplement System
Women's Daily Supplement System
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Women's Daily Supplement System

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For those looking for a science-based supplement routine to cover their nutritional bases
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Wanda Z.
Love this product

Although I have always believed that good nutrition can absolutely help with energy levels and health in general, I have never really experienced it to the fullest until I started using the women’s daily vitamins. To say that I am now addicted, is an understatement. I have found that when I go without the vitamins, I start feeling that usual lag in the afternoon where I typically would have to get a cup of coffee. However, with these vitamins, I never feel a lack in energy. I truly believe in this product and will not go without it. You just need to try it to know that it is amazing!

L.B. Palm Desert CA
Noticed An Immediate Improvement

I began taking Body Language Vitamins about a year ago. Being in the fitness industry I'm bombarded with "try this", "try that". 90% of these products offer little value. Then my daughter bought me a one month supply of BLV. I noticed an immediate improvement. My energy level increased, my stress level was reduced. After about a month the changes were just too noticeable to ignore. EUREKA! I had found the perfect supplements. But this is only part of the BLV equation. It's the people behind the vitamins, Michael and Lynn, who make this company one I will support wholeheartedly for as long as I have a voice to sing their praises. They care about this product, they care about the people who use BLV. Other's health and well being is of number one importance. So, I want to thank you for your incredible supplements but most of all I want to thank you for you.

CS a.
LOVE the convenience

My husband and I have been using your formulations for the last 3 years, we love the Essential Oils, and we love what you have done with the antioxidant and Multi-Vitamin formulas. We are now using your daily Men and Women packs and LOVE the convenience, we have never seen such a product and we love the science that has gone into your products. Outstanding! Our joints feel better, we feel better, thanks for all you do.

made my skin look luminous

Dear Dr. Seidman. Your scientifically designed formulas are truly amazing. They have made my skin look luminous! People continuously comment on my skin clarity and the healthy radiance. This never happened before BLV supplements and this is the only change I have made. Having fabulous skin is critical as I manage a skin renewal office in flint, so you know my clientele are purists! Thanks again, I feel beautiful inside and out.

extremely satisfied

I am a nutrition major and studying nursing. I never mcuh beleived in taking extra supplements. I just started taking you vitamins 3 days ago and I already notice a differenc in how I feel. I have increased energy, feel more alert mentally and my eyes are no longer puffy in the morning (my daugter said I looked 28 instead of 37) I am extremely satisfied with the results as I was apprehensive prior to taking something new. Thank you for making a difference and I will spread the word.


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