Structure | Bone Health Formula : The Whole Saga

As we age, bone strength and density become far more important. Especially for women. After a “low” T-score bone density test, DEXA scan or your doc’s “let’s watch it” comment, a big bottle of basic calcium from your favorite warehouse club is often mistaken as the easy fix.
There are five clear, well-documented reasons why our PEAK 365 Structure Bone Health Formula performs materially better than basic calcium and other bone formulas in improving bone health:
The first reason is our Structure | Bone Health Formula includes magnesium (250 mg), phosphorus (240 mg) and boron (600 mcg) in highly absorbable forms. While calcium gets top billing, these elements are a very important part of our bone makeup and our bodies need this full set of ingredients to achieve proper bone density and strength. Basic calcium and formulas missing magnesium, phosphorus and boron fall far short in supporting healthy bone t-scores and DEXA scan results because they do not provide all the required building blocks for bone health.
The second critical difference is our formula supplies Calcium (600 mg) in the two highest absorbable forms available. As background, the average adult loses about 200 mg of calcium a day and our bodies have a very tough time absorbing calcium. If we don’t absorb about 200 mg a day to break even, our bodies use calcium reserves to offset the normal daily loss. Because 99% of our calcium is in our bones, they take the hit, leading to lower density and weaker bones. Our formula includes primarily chelated calcium, an expensive process that combines the calcium with an amino acid and improves absorption significantly. We also include a highly absorbable form of calcium carbonate, which complements the chelated calcium in aiding overall absorption substantially. With regular use, our Structure Bone Health Formula will help support bone strength, which should then translate to support on healthy t-scores and DEXA scan results.
The third reason our Structure | Bone Health Formula outperforms is Vitamin D3 (1000 iu) is included to support bone health and increase calcium absorption by 300 – 500%. Vitamin D3 plays a huge role in the regulation of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood and bone. If you take basic calcium alone, you need about 3000 mg daily (geez!) in order to absorb the 200 mg your bones and body need. But…calcium taken in the presences of a good supply of Vitamin D3, reduces this daily intake requirement to 600 – 1000 mg, which is much more manageable. Our science-based formula includes Vitamin D3 to support bone health, help your body absorb critical calcium in the intestines and reclaim calcium that would otherwise be excreted through your kidneys.
The fourth important advantage our formula provides is proper, safe and effective calcium dosing based on science based medical research. Calcium intake is a perfect example where “too much of a good thing” may be dangerous. Research shows calcium is the primary component of heart plaque, yet it is also critical to bone and body health. So what is the right amount of calcium to take? Although the recommended daily intake is 1000 mg, our research stays far ahead of the trends and we believe the Food and Nutrition board is likely to reduce it further. Our Healthy Bone Formula, with its chelated processing and Vitamin D3, delivers the ideal balance – 600 mg of highly absorbable calcium - knowing you will also obtain some calcium through your normal diet.
The fifth major reason our Healthy Bone Formula wins the critics reviews is it’s made with the purest and finest combination and quantity of premium-grade ingredients. We also manufacture solely in the USA in FDA, GMP certified facilities. Yes, it costs more than the big bottle of basic calcium at your favorite warehouse club, but it actually works to help support strong, healthy bones. And that is the most important factor, by far.