Level | Healthy Cholesterol Formula : The Whole Saga

Most of your cholesterol is produced at night by your body’s liver while you sleep. That’s why our PEAK 365 Level Healthy Cholesterol Formula was developed to be taken just before bed – allowing it to support healthy cholesterol levels in your system…while you sleep.
This powerful, science-based supplement is formulated with a combination of the finest natural ingredients that have been proven to support healthy cholesterol levels. Not only will PEAK 365 Healthy Cholesterol Formula support healthy cholesterol levels and optimal cardiovascular health, our formula is packed with 15 carefully researched botanical ingredients designed to work together:
Beta-Sitosterol Complex is a plant-based sterol compound that is quite effective in supporting healthy cholesterol levels primarily by interfering with normal cholesterol absorption. It is widely used in Europe and Asia for its extremely effective healthy cholesterol level support properties. As a side benefit, beta-sitosterol is also great for men’s prostate health support.
Red Yeast Rice is so powerful it is often sold as a standalone supplement due to its proven success as a cholesterol level support supplement. It has been shown to have a number of heart-healthy benefits, including supporting healthy levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, HDL (good) cholesterol, triglycerides (Bad fat cells). We include 500 mg in our daily dose.
Policosanol helps support healthy cholesterol levels, studies have shown that policosanol has powerful healthy cholesterol level support properties 
Milk Thistle Seed is included because there is vast scientific evidence to support its ability to support a healthy liver function which is key for healthy cholesterol levels.
And we also include these well-regarded healthy cholesterol level support ingredients: Artichoke leaf extract, Chitosan, Garlic bulb, Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, Myristica fragrans, Citrus pectin powder, Guggulipid, Hyaluronic acid, EDTA calcium disodium, Vitamin B12 and Folate.
The PEAK 365 Level Healthy Cholesterol Formula is top-rated because it brings together the strength of the very best healthy cholesterol support ingredients into one extremely effective supplement. It works at optimal performance if taken just before you go to sleep – when your body initiates most of its cholesterol production. To help even further, you may also take an extra 3 tablet dose once during the day when you eat lunch or dinner.
Our formula is manufactured solely in the USA in FDA, GMP registered facilities. Yes, it may cost more than big bottles of generic remedies, but Peak365 Healthy Cholesterol Formula contains the very best cholesterol reduction ingredients available today. And for your health, that is the most important factor, by far.