Powerhouse| Cellular Health and Energy Formula : The Whole Saga

A common question is "do healthy age support supplements work?" Our Powerhouse Cellular health and energy formula is so ground-breaking it was awarded a patent. Let us explain why you should consider it as part of your daily health plan.

First, a quick body science refresher. Our body is made up of trillions of cells – broken down into about 200 different types – each programmed to do a specific job. Groups of cells make up body tissue – skin, muscle, heart, brain, etc. – and our cells are constantly dividing in order to grow, repair and replace older cells in the body.

Inside each cell is the mitochondrion. This is where oxygen and nutrients combine to create energy, making everything in that cell “run.” But, as we age, the mitochondrion in our cells becomes significantly less efficient. This mitochondrial dysfunction can result in a variety or complications. 

With some help, our body can support a healthy aging process and have a meaningful impact on how we look and feel. Seriously. 

The science behind our Powerhouse Celular Health and Energy Formula is complex and patented, but the simplified explanation is the product contains a powerful mix of metabolites. These metabolites increase mitochondrial function – meaning support for cells to work better. Four different types of metabolites are needed to make energy in the cells. Metabolites can be found in our food, but to get the equivalent amount as our formula, you would have to consume 20 pounds of broccoli or 3 large steaks each day, every day for just one of the four metabolites!

When taken regularly, this formula supplies your body with a patented mix of natural ingredients that support optimal function of the powerhouse of your body’s cells – mitochondrial function. This formula supports a healthy aging processes in your body – improving productivity and activity. Scientific studies have shown strong evidence that ingredients in our formula  support a healthy memory as well as supporting healthy hearing.