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Level | Healthy Cholesterol Formula - PEAK 365 Nutrition

Level | Healthy Cholesterol Formula

The BLV Company
Support healthy cholesterol Levels with our state of the art formula
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Dr. Michael Seidman

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M.S., MI, Physician

This Stuff Is Terrific

My cholesterol was ~ 225, my physician told me that I was otherwise healthy and he did not think I needed to be on anti-cholesterol medications. Being a physician myself and having stronger concerns, I decided to go the more "natural" route. I started BLV Co anti cholesterol formula, I was using the recommended 3 pills each evening and the level dropped to 203. I increased to 5 pills at night and I am now at 187. My HDL has increased to 76 and LDL's down to 89 and triglycerides are down to 60. This is fantastic. I have always adhered to a fairly healthy diet including plenty of fruits and veggies, but this was not enough. I also checked my High Sensitivity C-reactive protein (a marker for heart attack risk and bio-inflammation) and I was in the lowest quintile (lowest risk for a heart attack). Lastly, my apolipoprotein A level is very low which is another indicator of heart disease risk. Homocysteine has stayed around 7 (normal 3-14). Thank you thank you thank you for your all-natural alternative, this stuff is terrific.


Doctor Could Not Believe It

I have been using your Anti-cholesterol formula for 4 months. My cholesterol level went from 247 to 183, my Doctor could not believe it. Additionally, my HDL went up ~ 15 points to 59 and my LDL was over 200 and dropped to 117 well within the normal range. My liver tests (I was told that liver function may be affected by prescription anti-cholesterol pills), are completely normal. I went from a moderate risk for a heart attack to now being in the "desirable" range. All I can say is that I am thrilled, what a fantastic formula.

D.J., Registered Nurse, PhD

Reduced Husband's Cholesterol

My husband had a total cholesterol in June of 267 with LDL of 177 and HDL of 72. Of course his MDs response was-“what is the name of your drugstore, I will call in a rx.” We already eat a healthy diet so I suggested he try your formula for a few months instead of going on a prescription med. He is on his 3rd bottle and just got the labs repeated. Total chol is now 203, LDL is 112, and HDL remains 72. We are obviously very pleased! I’ll be ordering more of the formula, that’s for sure!

H.S. Sarasota, FL

Cholesterol Level Has Normalized

I have been taking Body Language Vitamins for 3 years now. I'm 84 years old and I have never felt more vital and healthful in my life. I feel terrific. Additionally, my blood pressure has gone down a little and my cholesterol level has normalized. My wife and I appreciate the difference!


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