Natural Shield | Advanced Immune Support Formula
Natural Shield | Advanced Immune Support Formula

Natural Shield | Advanced Immune Support Formula

Based on 30+ Years of Wellness Research
Our best selling Natural Immune Support Formula
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Dr. Michael Seidman

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P.S. Michigan

I wrote you a few years ago and got a beautiful reply. I was seeking where I could purchase Cold and Flu Formula as I live in the Detroit area. Since your reply, I purchased this and have realized remarkable results--no colds or flu in last two years. When I take two a day at first signs of cold, I've been able to prevent 3-4 colds in last few years. This is amazing to me!!! I just felt sore throat symptoms--usually my body's signal of cold coming on--Fri night. Took 4 capsules since and last night the throat phlegm was already breaking up and eliminating from my body. No cold, again, has manifested. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Truly, for years, I've had pretty much two colds per year and had resigned to it. My friend told me about your product and I've never had anything work like this. I will continue to spread the word.

Anonymous R.
I can't say enough

I can't say enough about the vitamins. Dramatic change in my life. Same for hubby. He was getting sick all the time when he worked out. Since he started these vitamins, he might get 1 or 2 colds all year instead of each month! From reading the testimonials, looks like he isn't the only one who has experienced this effect.

M.D. Birmingham, MI
Best supplements we have ever taken

I have been taking Body Language Vitamin supplements for years, I have gone more than five years without being sick, and I attribute this to your wonderful formulations. I love the Men's pack and my wife loves the Women's formulations; we feel fantastic, thanks for the best supplements we have ever taken.

M.B. Seattle, WA

Wow, your Cold and Flu formula is fabulous, I have tried many standard regimens and many alternatives to no avail. I have had two colds this winter and usually they last 10-12 days, I started the Cold and Flu formula and within 24 hrs I was better and by day 3 my symptoms were gone. Thanks, this stuff is great.

K.G. Michigan
Used for 2 Years

Your cold and flu formula is outstanding. Stores can not keep it on the shelf! For over two years I've been using this product to ward off bronchitis and colds successfully. Prior to this I suffered miserably with these problems. My husband and I are amazed at how effective this is. Thank you!